Past Projects

B.I.D. provided design, fabrication and pre-assembly of almost all above-ground material handling systems, including most belt conveyors, shuttle conveyors, tripper conveyors, insulated/cladded galleries and chutes during the expansion project of the Penobsquis and Picadilly sites. Conveyors handled a variety of materials including raw potash, salt, pebble, and high temperature concentrate material. B.I.D. also supplied fabricated components for underground storage silos, apron feeders and belt conveyors.

Caribbean Cement Company - Kingston, Jamaica Design, supply, manufacture and delivery of eight (8) Cement Plant Conveyors for a kiln expansion project, totaling 1,100 ft of conveyors, 24 inch to 48 inch wide belts. Scope included design of conveyor structures, trusses and bents, for hurricane wind loads, and in modules to ship within standard 40 ft/12 m shipping containers.

Design, manufacture, installation of belt conveyors, trippers, chutework and associated structures for Miller Creek gypsum mine/crushing site, including 72 inch wide tripper conveyor.

Turn-key project, design, manufacture, installation of material handling at the Hantsport storage and shiploading facility. Scope included (96) discharge hoppers with hydraulically actuated gates, a shuttle conveyor extension, and (3) transfer belt conveyors. This project featured B.I.D.’s fastest belt conveyors to date: 3 @ 72 inch wide belt conveyors, each conveying raw gypsum, lump size up to 12 inches, 12,500 tonnes/hour at 1200 ft/minute belt speed. The goal was to load a 50,000 ton ship in approx. 2 hours.

Supply, manufacture and delivery of belt conveyor, rolling diverter gate and chutework for a new iron concentrate silo reclaim conveyor at the Fermont mine site, as well as a belt conveyor within tube gallery, shuttling shiploader conveyor and shiploader structure near Sept-Iles. Projects consisted of 1,400 ft of 60" wide belt conveyors at a design capacity of 6,000 Tonnes/Hour. Scope included all associated structural and chute work.

Design, supply, manufacture and delivery of nickel pebble recirculation belt conveyors, cladded & insulated galleries, rolling diverter gate/cart, and crusher feed/discharge chutework. Scope of work also included supply of a new mobile receiving hopper and belt conveyor fed from Client’s CAT loader and discharging into storage bins.

Design, supply and delivery of (25) belt conveyors for a cement plant’s kiln expansion project. This is B.I.D.'s largest cement project to date. The scope consisted of 3,300 ft of conveyors using 24", 36", 42", and 48" wide belts, and included all associated trusses, bents and chute work to handle materials such as limestone, clinker, sand, clay, gypsum, and coal.

Turn-key material handling projects for POP3 Modernization Project, Raw Coal Handling for Client’s new Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) process. Scope included a new receiving hopper and grizzly, vibratory feeders, belt conveyor galleries, transfer structure, screen and tramp metal removal.

- Material handling system modernization for Coke Handling. Scope included new belt conveyor gallery, chutework and modifications to existing hopper, belt conveyors and expansion of a large transfer structure.

- Blast Furnace No 3 Restart material handling system, including modifications to existing conveyors. Project included two (2) new tripper carts, a new shuttle conveyor, and modifications/reversal of existing belt conveyors.

Design, supply, manufacture and installation of a coal receiving, handling and stockpiling conveyor system at a new marine coal terminal. This project was designed with a capacity of 3300 TPH using 54" wide belts. Equipment consisted of a receiving hopper, 96 inch wide belt feeder, 54 inch wide 500' wharf belt, 1700' inhaul belt and a 500' long shuttle conveyor within a 1000' long cladded gallery.

Design, supply, manufacture and delivery of woodyard fuel handling system for new 75 MW biomass power plant. Project scope included the supply of three (3) truck dumper systems and receiving hoppers, a disc screen and a hog/crusher to process oversize fuel, the steel structure to support/enclose the screen/hog arrangement, a multi-strand drag chain reclaim hopper, two (2) traversing screw reclaimers, dual screw conveyor, 2,800 ft of belt conveyors complete with trusses, galleries and bents, and all interconnecting chutework.