Celebrating 25 Years of Building Solutions

March 29, 2015

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”
-Benjamin Franklin

This was the phrase that founder Ray Sullivan would mark on purchase orders to suppliers. We have always placed quality over quantity. Our bulk material handling systems are custom made using quality materials to produce quality systems. In all uses of the phrase, B.I.D. conveys quality.

Along with dignitaries and fellow colleagues, founder Ray Sullivan marks the opening of B.I.D. headquarters with a ribbon cutting ceremony, summer of 1989. From left to right, Bruce Smith, Ray Sullivan, Al Lacey, Greg Thompson mark our opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Ribbon Cutting2

“A company that doesn’t have a history may not have a future.” -Unknown

Since 1981, B.I.D. has been in the business of designing conveyors. In 1989, our headquarters were constructed, bringing together design and manufacturing to offer our customer the full package. When Ray Sullivan decided on placement of our office, B.I.D. was positioned at the intersection of the Trans Canada Highway and the U.S. Interstate 95. This location provides efficient access to customers throughout North America. Some of our furthest project to date would be Kingston, Jamaica and New Caledonia.

With about 50 employees, including office and manufacturing facility, B.I.D. is able to react very quickly to any changes in the schedule or revisions by customers. This year we celebrate 25 years building solutions – tailor-made to perform reliably in your worst conditions – environmentally and technically.

photo (10)

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” -Henry Ford

In the midst of constructing B.I.D. headquarters, another important project was on our timeline. We were committed to constructing a handling system for Alberta Newsprint. To give you a picture, our shop was being filled with materials to construct the project, as our building was being erected.

As you see, having multiple projects to complete at once, is no problem to us – that’s how we started off! It was a proud accomplishment for B.I.D., to mark the beginning of a long upholding reputation for completing projects on schedule, on budget and to complete satisfaction of our customer.


25 Years at B.I.D.

It is an organization’s employees who understand and know it best. They experience the highs and they know the lows. So to have seven employees that have stuck with us through B.I.D.’s years is quite special. These guys remember having two projects on the go at once – constructing head office and the Alberta Newsprint inside of the partial facility. They have serviced the company for as long as we’ve been in service.

Majority of our employees have a lengthy tenure. We would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge all employees, especially these 7 for being with the company now and at day one.