Quality in Custom Design & Manufacture

September 3, 2015

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CIM 2015 Montreal

We want to thank everyone that stopped by our booth at the 2015 annual CIM show this year, held in Montreal. Mining is one of the many industries we supply to, so traditionally we choose to make an appearance at this show. Unfortunately this industry has seen less activity in recent years, but this has enabled us to deliver solutions for a variety of other industrial clients. If you would like to talk about any upcoming shows you will be attending, or reach out to us about upcoming business ventures, we always value the opportunity to discuss current and future projects with you.

We have been busy taking on smaller projects like the ones found below. B.I.D. is pleased to announce that we have won a multi-million dollar conveyor project in the cement industry – manufacturing is set to start this fall and will continue through to the spring. We deliver turnkey solutions. B.I.D. designs, engineers, and manufactures your best material handling solution to meet or exceed your project requirements. For a company that custom designs and manufactures every piece of equipment, quality is crucial. To understand how we maintain a reputation of delivering quality, continue reading.

2015-08-18 17.53.20

Diverter gates for our cement client. Their purpose is to help deliver and concentrate material stream in a controlled flow and can divert flow to either of two (or three) downstream processes. Any spillage or dust that is often generated at transfer points is contained within the chute. We do not manufacture stock products to attempt to make them work for our customers. Every piece of equipment that leaves our facility has been custom designed for the material characteristics, the specifications of the customer, and the site geography.

Chain Conveyors for Biomass

Chain conveyors for a biomass client


Down spouts for bridges

Lathe, 7,15 inch shaft

A peek inside our manufacturing facility to see this piece of equipment. Lathe is used to shape and size metal. Machinist is turning down at 5 15/16″ shaft in this photo.

B.I.D. Quality

Bringing clients a quality product has always been a core value of B.I.D. But how important is quality to a shop that is custom designing for every client? Sourcing of materials is not compromised, we work with quality companies whom we know and trust.  We do make exceptions to use suppliers preferred by our clients.

Every manufacturing company needs a quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) department. Quality Assurance are activities that occur prior to and throughout production.  Quality Assurance is procedure oriented; a set of activities to ensure quality in the products that are developed and documented. Quality Control is a set of activities for ensuring quality in products.  Quality control includes physical tests & checks to identify any defects in product productivity. Inspection reports and test results are documented and are involved to track materials every step of the way; from first ownership of material to finished product. Regular meetings with CWB Canadian Welding Bureau, and others with regular reports sent out on our fabrication standards.

Quality needs to be a stringent system ingrained in a company’s philosophy.  Errors are costly to a company’s time, money and reputation.  The goal of a QA/QC Manager’s reports is not about finding flaws or mistakes in their coworkers’ performance, but about creating quality product in a safe, productive, efficient working environment.  B.I.D. is fortunate to have Craig Lord as our QA/QC Manager.  Craig truly cares about the quality of work; “I usually come in to work 1 hour prior to start of shift to do paint inspection, familiarize myself of what is going on in fitting, welding, blasting bays. Part of my job is to confirm accuracy therefore some days I am not well accepted. Most employees feel it is good for me to check so we do not have back charges from job sites if things do not fit. My main concern is to put out a quality product in a safe manner. Keeping our customers & employees happy.”

The difference in our quality lies in our company culture. It is difficult to put into words, but our longer term employees (tenure of over 25 years) set the bar high. They take pride in their skilled work and know where their pieces are going next and to whom they are going to.  B.I.D.’s fabrication team truly cares about what type of welds they’re producing, ensuring their work is nothing but the best.