March 6, 2018

Early in the year, B.I.D. supplied 8 belt conveyors to a re-opened mine in Newfoundland. It is intended to go into production in the first quarter of 2018.

B.I.D. partnered with a Quebec based contractor for the supply of a 72” iron ore conveyor, with return belt turn-over. This conveyor will feed into the new ship loader system in Sept-Isle Quebec.

B.I.D. Canada has been continuing bridge related fabrications this year. We’ve been supplying expansion joints, ballast wall angles, deck drains, cover plates, and guardrails; as shown below, after having been hot dip galvanised.

This year we supplied a glass bottle recycling conveyor to a company in Newfoundland, to sort bottles by glass colour.

B.I.D. is currently working on trashracks for the Beechwood and Mactaquac Dams.