Truck Dumpers

B.I.D. truck dumpers are made to last.

They are designed with durability, safety and dependability in mind. We can custom tailor our dumpers to suit your exact needs. Dumper cylinders are manufactured especially for dumper service. Our hydraulic power units are simple, but can be designed to meet your specifications.

Our dumpers include all types:

  • Drive Through with Pit Bridge
  • B-Train and Tractor
  • Extended Van and Tractor
  • Standard Van and Tractor
  • Extended Van only
  • Standard Van only
  • Extended arm (yoke)
  • Semi-portable

Custom dumpers may incorporate these optional features:

  • Extra high sideboards to contain chips, bark, biomass, coal
  • Customer’s exact paint specification
  • Multi-speed operation
  • Extra heavy deck
  • Galvanized hand railing
  • Adjustable backstop
  • Variable walkway width
  • Adjust tilt angle & cylinder sizes to suit material being dumped

Dumpers can come as complete systems with:

  • Receiving Hopper
  • Pit Bridge
  • Take-away Conveyors
  • Metering Roll
  • Lump Breaker Unit

An integral component of most truck dumper systems is the Receiving Hopper. B.I.D. designs and manufactures hoppers to meet the capacities and conditions that are demanded for each of our customer’s requirements. Our hoppers take the full load – no pausing in full lift position while the hopper partially empties! They are designed to withstand icy conditions and frozen material impacts without damage to the hopper.

We can provide hoppers with drag chains, stokers, screws – depending on your preference.

For a free quote, send inquiries to, or call 506-328-4381 to speak to our engineer and sales team.

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