Designed and manufactured for continuous operation, conveyors play a key role in bulk material handling systems. 

BID Canada works with clients in different industries to build custom conveyor systems that can operate in a wide range of capacities and distances. Our custom conveying systems are supplied with belt, chain, screw, shuttle, trippers, belt feeders, spike rolls, stackers, galleries or trusses and support structures. 

Industries B.I.D. Canada specializes in:

  • Environmental 
  • Energy & Power
  • Lumber & Wood
  • Metals & Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp & Paper 
  • Stone, Glass & Concrete

Conveyors are strategically designed and manufactured based on the properties of the materials being conveyed. Our team of  highly skilled and experienced engineers consider several factors of material property prior to the design of your custom conveyor system. This includes the material’s bulk density, lump size, particle size distribution, flammability, moisture content, explosivity, hygroscopicity, colour, adhesiveness, strength/friction. These considerations ensure conveyors are optimized specifically for materials being conveyed.

As the eastern North American leader in bulk material handling systems, our team has the experience to help our clients solve real-world problems and come up with customized conveyor solutions while keeping safety, environmental impact, quality, innovation, longevity, efficiency and economics in mind.

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