About Us

Our History

B.I.D. Canada Ltd. began as “Basic Industrial Design Limited”. Founded in 1981 by Ray Sullivan, B.I.D. was formed as a one- man engineering service, providing engineering and layout drawings for industrial clients on various types of projects.

As the company’s success grew, one offering was in particularly high demand: conveyor systems. With the fabrication of conveyors being sub-contracted, there was a recognized need to control the quality of these systems in order for them to operate and perform as well as they were designed to. Manufacturing and installation were added to our business offerings in order to enhance our existing quality reputation.

In 1989, our manufacturing facility was built in Woodstock, New Brunswick, at the intersection of TransCanada Highway 2 and US Interstate 95, with instant highway access to North America and several Atlantic seaports. Initially, the majority of projects fell under the pulp and paper industry. Now our projects are mainly for coal, cement, potash, nickel and biomass industries. As a general steel fabricator, we also like customers to be aware that our projects can extend beyond the ordinary; for example B.I.D. built the world’s largest axe.

Today our team is comprised of roughly 50 individuals, with unique capabilities to take our designs and manufacture them into fully operational handling systems. Transparency has allowed us to continue the reputation of providing customers with their systems on budget, on schedule, and to the complete tailored satisfaction of our customers. We welcome all prospective clients to witness first-hand, our production capabilities and meet our knowledgeable team.