Safety guarding is a vital component of bulk material handling systems, it ensures that employees are protected while working with equipment.

Properly guarding your bulk handling equipment coincides with B.I.D.’s commitment to safety and ensures that our design work, manufacturing processes and the resulting installations create safe work environments.

B.I.D. provides safety guarding for all of our equipment to suit the type of device based on our experience, the customer’s preferences and various standards. Our guards are designed and manufactured to enable safe operations and efficient maintenance practices. We have used standards and guidelines from OSHA, MSHA, CE, and CSST to help satisfy our customer’s needs. We promise to take steps to ensure the safety of workers and job sites relating to our design work, manufacturing processes and resulting products. 

Our decades of experience positions us as industry leaders in designing and manufacturing bulk material handling systems and their associated safety guards. 

Contact B.I.D. Canada today to learn more about custom guarding solutions for your bulk handling equipment. 

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