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We work directly with you, providing on-site visits to act as your consultant. If your company has hired a consultant we will team with them to supply the remainder of your project.

Our experienced mechanical engineers, structural engineers, and designers specialize in materials handling and working with the latest AutoCAD, Inventor, and STAAD structural software. Innovative design has been a hallmark of B.I.D. since the beginning. With our design abilities we can accommodate special requirements that are often integral to your project. Our design and manufacturing team work closely together to provide our clients with complete quality control and assurance. B.I.D.’s custom design capabilities have necessitated a scheduling process that allows us to give clients the most realistic time possible. We deliver on schedule, on budget, and to your complete tailored satisfaction.

B.I.D. will not compromise quality or durability when providing you with a custom design that fits your specific needs. We design heavy-duty equipment built to operate reliably in your worst conditions. For any questions on how our engineering team can solve your material handling problems, contact us today for a free quote.

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