About the Client

Babcock & Wilcox is a multinational company based in the United States best known for manufacturing steam boilers and nuclear power systems. Founded in 1867, Babcock & Wilcox has established a reputation for being a leader in delivering sustainable energy. The company provides engineering, design, construction, and manufacturing services to the fossil and renewable power generation sector.

The Client Problem

Babcock & Wilcox was in search of a bulk handling company that could supply a complete fuel handling package in the development of a new power plant for Burgess BioPower in Berlin, New Hampshire. The Burgess power plant was a former pulp mill that was demolished with the boiler system remaining intact. Burgess proceeded to build their power plant around such boiler infrastructure, however, the original boiler was initially built for burning biomass biofuel for their heat recovery systems. Two ageing black-liquor recovery boiler systems need to be updated so that they could be used to generate power for residential and industrial users in New Hampshire. Babcock & Wilcox was responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of Burgess’ new power plant.

BID Canada was selected by Babock & Wilcox to optimize the fuel handling system to feed fuel into the updated boiler to generate power for residential and industrial users. BID was tasked with the design, supply, manufacturing and delivery of a new woodyard fuel handling system for the 75MW biomass power plant. Staying on track with the project budget and timeline remained at the forefront of achieving the best fuel handling system for the client. 

Our Work at BID

BID’s work began by collaborating with our vendor partners and structural engineering partners to establish a plan that met the mechanical and structural requirements and design capacities of the new power plant. Once this was concluded, we commenced our detailed design and manufacturing process. 

The project scope included the supply of:

  • Three truck dumper systems and receiving hoppers
  • Disc screen, crusher/hog and steel support structure
  • Multi-strand drag chain reclaim hopper
  • Two under pile traversing screw reclaimers
  • 2,800ft (855 meters) of belt conveyors including a 520ft (159meters) long tripper conveyor
  • Conveyors included supporting trusses, galleries and bents 
  • Dual screw conveyor
  • All interconnecting chute work

The Result 

BID Canada successfully designed, supplied, manufactured and delivered a new woodyard fuel handling system for Babcock & Wilcox within the established time frame. Burgess Biopower now operates a fully functioning biomass power facility that includes new turbine/generator cooling towers, electrical switchgear with associated supporting auxiliaries, modern air quality control systems and a new wood yard. Our team was pleased to work in partnership with Babcock & Wilcox to deliver a state-of-the-art biomass power plant for Burgess Biopower and the state of New Hampshire.